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About Us

Old Capitol Trail Academy, Inc. (OCTAI) was established in the summer of 1989 to serve the educational needs of homeschool families in Delaware. Today each member family acts as a satellite campus of OCTAI. The school is administered by Christian men and women who promote and encourage Christian values and Biblical principles in education. OCTAI is registered with the Delaware State Department of Public Instruction (school code # 830). We welcome families regardless of race, religious persuasion, and reasons and philosophies of home education. We believe that such diversity is in the longterm best-interest of preserving our right to educate our children at home.

Our Beliefs

We believe Christian parents are given the responsibility and moral authority by God to control and direct the educational and spiritual development of their children; therefore, the ultimate responsibility to determine progress and set educational goals rests with parents. At the same time, to meet legal responsibility to the Department of Public Instruction that all OCTAI students are receiving "regular and thorough instruction," we have an accountability process each family must meet. Accountability criteria can be found in the New Member Enrollment Forms.

Our Mission

OCTAI's mission is to:

  • Provide Delaware homeschoolers with a private school which fulfills all legal responsibilities.
  • Maintain records, provide accountability, and offer support to homeschool families enrolled in OCTAI.
  • Promote home education by informing the public and by our example.

OCTAI is your school!

Ultimate responsibility for educational quality, administration, and management is in your hands. The OCTAI board is an extension of you and your homeschool. Our goal is to maximize the amount of time you have to teach your children and to minimize the time you spend on the necessary tasks of legal documentation and compliance.

All board positions are filled by individuals gracious enough to give their time and talent. Hence, your cooperation, patience, and support are essential. Unresponsiveness, aggressive verbal attacks, and general harassment of any representative of OCTAI will be grounds for immediate revocation of school membership.

OCTAI Services

  1. OCTAI maintains confidential transcripts and records for enrolled students. Records are accessible only to parents or guardians, OCTAI officers, and designated clerical volunteers. Records may be released by written request from parents or guardians of students transferring out of OCTAI or for legal due process after OCTAI has conferred with legal counsel. ALWAYS RETAIN ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR OWN FILES.
  2. OCTAI serves as the official interface between home educators, their respective school boards, and other Delaware state agencies. If a problem develops with any school official or state agency, or if harassment occurs, homeschoolers should insist that all contacts by state representatives be Presented in writing to OCTAI. OCTAI will then serve as the homeschooling family's official representative or intermediary'.

  3. Executing your responsibilities as a home educator is ultimately up to you. OCTAI expects high standards to be maintained by all families. We reserve the right to deny or discontinue enrollment to any family not conscientiously and responsibly conducting a clearly recognizable program of education. (See Probational Membership).

  4. OCTAI administers standardized testing in New Castle County at least once a year.

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